Nate Endsley

Often guesting on tenor sax and flute is ALBINO! co-founder and former Hamsa Lila contributor Nathan Endsley. Nate's bold, rootsy sax improvisations ground the SOCKET sound within the jazz tradition, while his savage flute

Dave Ellis

In 2007, SOCKET caught the ear of internationally-acclaimed jazz saxophonist Dave Ellis, alumnus of the seminal Charlie Hunter Trio, who has also toured with Rat Dog, The Other Ones, and the Black Crowes. The Berkeley native has performed and wisecracked most supremely on several shows with SOCKET; in addition he appears on two tracks of the band’s self-titled debut CD. Ellis once attested that "After playing with Charlie Hunter, I was invited to join many other projects in the acid jazz vein, but it took the quality of SOCKET's songwriting and the depth of the band’s groove to get me excited about playing this kind of music again." We're pretty sure he was serious that time.