Terry Branam

Originally from Cincinnati, by way of Chicago, and now the Bay area, Terry Branam’s versatile style has landed him in the hot seat for many top artists and ensembles all over the country.

Terry has a knack for deciphering impossibly dense and layered rhythmic formulas and has become a top transcriber for many leading publications such as Modern Drummer, Drumhead, and DRUM! magazines. He also has an award winning book co-authored with the great Gavin Harrison entitled Rhythmic Designs that is chock full of brain aching drum transcriptions available through Hal Leonard/Hudson Music.

As a long time student of the greasy Bay Area funk bands of the ‘70s, Terry has found a comfortable spot as the drummer for SOCKET. His deep-rooted pocket style mixed with an unending quest for rhythmic shenanigans make for some spirited interactions with the band. Bringing such diverse influences from the gods of metal, to the fathers of funk, the pioneers of jazz to the machines of electronica, Terry puts it all to work in the driver’s seat of SOCKET.