SOCKET: The Debut CD

Socket CD


SOCKET's self-titled debut studio album consists of 12 funky jazz-rooted tracks that borrow eclectically from the realms of world, rock, second-line, dub, and electronic music.

Special guest tenor saxophonist Dave Ellis (Charlie Hunter Trio) appears on the southern-fried swinger "Franks & Beans" and on the driving vintage groove of "Socket Pocket".

SOCKET was recorded at Yonasty West in Oakland, California, was produced by guitarist Cal Reichenbach, and was released in early 2007.


Taylor Heanue - Organ / Piano
Cal Reichenbach - Guitar
David Black - Drums
Nathan Endsley - Saxophone
Dave Ellis - Saxophone

 1. Peat Dat
 2. Shufflefunk Shafunkle
 3. Franks & Beans
 4. One Beat World
 5. Pyramids
 6. Chesty LaRue
 7. Socket Pocket
 8. Slam Funk
 9. Sho Nuff
10. Locked Up
11. Slim Pickins
12. Coppin' a Feel

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